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Languages and Labels

August 31, 2009

New blog post at Suite101


Latest Review at Suite101

August 30, 2009

Is Majestrum by Matthew Hughes

Animal Invasions

August 29, 2009

…at Suite101

Surviving The Breakfast Show

August 28, 2009

Over at Suite101.

Now all I have to do is upload the MP3…

New Review at Suite 101 — Black Static 12

August 27, 2009

Having to post twice a week to make up for missing a couple of weeks….

Reading Winter Song

August 24, 2009

How hard can it be to talk into a microphone? Found out here

September Asimovs

August 23, 2009

Reviewed at Suite101

Once In A Lifetime

August 22, 2009

Some SF analogies for the non-cricket afficianadoes, explaining Stuart Broad over at Suite101

Near Miss

August 21, 2009

New blog post at Suite101

This Week’s Review – Chris Beckett’s Marcher

August 20, 2009

Over at Suite101. Excellent book.