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Originality, Plagiarism & Clinamen

October 31, 2009

New blog post at Suite101


Black Static 13 reviewed

October 30, 2009

At Suite101

New Review of Winter Song

October 29, 2009

SFX review of Winter Song and some spin off thoughts arising from it at Suite101

Living in Kafkaland

October 28, 2009

More whinging about grants at suite101

Competition Lore

October 27, 2009

Thoughts on competitions here.

New Blog Post

October 26, 2009

at Suite101 — hopefully temporary.

The Play’s the Thing

October 25, 2009

Our night at the theatre at Suite101

Making Time

October 24, 2009

The follow up to Marking Time at Suite101

Trouble with Books

October 23, 2009

at Suite101

Marking Time

October 22, 2009

New Blog post at Suite101