Blind Faith

Meet Frances Dedman, aka Faith DuQuayne, part-time tarot reader on Brighton Pier.

It is July 2005 and the eyes of the world are on London. Normally a fifteen-year-old schoolgirl disappearing from a nearby seaside town would be headline news, but the July 7th bombings have consigned Natalie Parrish to the inside pages.

When her father hires a private investigator, the police are unhappy about a blind girl and her ex-policeman uncle nosing around, but fighting terrorists is draining their people away, and they need all the help they can get, especially when a second wave of attacks stretch them to breaking point.

They would be even less happy if they knew the truth about Frances “blindness” but not even her ability to “read” other people can keep her safe. In fact, her blind faith in her ability may be the biggest danger of all.

“Blind Faith is a tightly written and gripping mystery, featuring one of the most distinctive investigators in recent memory.  Harvey’s prose is controlled and precise, but his imagination is boundless.  Intelligent and exciting, Blind Faith is a thrilling read.”

So says Lee Thomas – Bram Stoker Award and Lambda Literary Award-winning author of Parish Damned and The Dust of Wonderland

Gary Fry, author of Sanity and Other Delusions was similarly impressed:
“From its smart title to its bold and contemporary theme, Blind Faith delivers with force and style. I was drawn particularly to the central character, and impressed by how Colin Harvey manages to interweave her private and public lives in a narrative that loses no pace or intrigue. The story is compelling, the language unobtrusively stylish, and the conclusion as gripping as it comes in this genre. Trust this author – he sees things clearly, and after reading this novel, so will you.”


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