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This Week: Reviewed at Suite101

January 30, 2010

J. Robert King — The Angel of Death


Google Book Settlement

January 26, 2010

thoughts at suite101

Time For Some *Real* Writing

January 14, 2010

More about that here

More Nice Reviews

January 3, 2010

at suite101, including some points that surprised me.

Moanday Morning

December 7, 2009

new blog post at suite101

When Blogs Collide

December 6, 2009

or something like that at suite 101

Drood Reviewed

December 4, 2009

at Suite101

Fred Pohl

November 27, 2009

Another favourite blogger

Tuesday Night Update

November 24, 2009

at Suite101

Pornokitsch Review of Winter Song

November 22, 2009

Erm, interesting name, isn’t it? More here